Houses for sale in Spain?

Successfully put houses for sale in Spain

Real estate agents who have houses for sale in Spain can successfully use Best Home Plaza, the number one online sales platform! Best Home Plaza. We are a popular property site where potential buyers from all over Europe can find out which properties are for sale in Spain. So, are you an estate agent in Spain or do you want to sell your house privately in Spain? Then Best Home Plaza is the place to be. Our website attracts no less than 150,000 interested visitors every month. You can easily and inexpensively bring your properties for sale in Spain to the attention of the many people who have plans to buy a house in Spain or who want to move to this country. Potential buyers always come directly in contact with you through Best Home Plaza. That makes Best Home Plaza the ideal platform for selling real estate in Spain. Below, we will tell you more about what we can offer you as a seller of houses in Spain. It has never been easier to sell your house in Spain!

Some of our properties for sale in Spain:

What is Best Home Plaza?

Best Home Plaza is an independent real estate portal, which brings buyers and sellers of houses in Spain in contact with each other. Thanks to an inventive marketing concept, we make sure that the houses, flats and other properties for sale on our website are brought to the attention of people all over Europe, who are looking for a specific property with certain characteristics in a specific area in Spain and are considering buying.

Which properties for sale in Spain?

(Dutch) real estate agents in Spain and other sellers who want to sell real estate can come to Best Home Plaza and offer for sale the following properties:
  • Flats
  • Townhouses
  • Villas
  • Commercial property
  • Plots

Why use Best Home Plaza?

Why is Best Home Plaza interesting for estate agents and other home sellers? We have listed the advantages for you below:

  • Monthly more than 150.000 potential buyers on our site
  • Website in 6 languages!
  • Possibility to highlight houses as favourite
  • Place advertisements for € 300, – per 3 months or € 1000, – per year
  • Bulk import via live feed is automatically updated daily
  • Placing a single house is also possible
  • Buyers can directly schedule online and physical viewings with you
  • Add 360⁰ virtual tour videos
  • Introduction of you as a (Dutch) real estate agent with logo and BHP seal of approval

Seal of approval for estate agents in Spain

To give potential buyers the confidence to buy a house in Spain through Best Home Plaza, we offer the guarantee that they are buying a house from a reliable and good quality estate agent in Spain. The Best Home Plaza quality mark was created for this purpose. With this label we give buyers the guarantee of certainty, quality and reliability. We are an independently operating platform and every day we are busy connecting the best estate agents to Best Home Plaza. Buyers can easily compare the estate agents connected to us on the basis of customer reviews. Especially when buying or selling real estate in Spain, security for the customer is indispensable.

Building inspection

When you offer properties for sale in Spain, you can have a building inspection carried out to meet the legal information requirements. With a building inspection you give potential buyers a clear picture of the structural condition of the property. The advantages of having a building inspection carried out are:
  • Direct insight into the condition of the house
  • Additional tool for sales negotiations
  • Professional and objective report
As a seller, you can of course also suffice with a basic inspection. But a full sales report will make selling a house in Spain a lot easier. It prevents, for example, discussions with ‘architects’ who sometimes take prospective buyers with them to see if they are making a good purchase at a good price. Buyers always appreciate being able to see a complete sales report, in which any structural defects are listed, with supporting colour photographs, which are incorporated in the (asking) price of the house.

(Legal) Support in your own language when selling your house in Spain

The sale and transfer of houses for sale in Spain is different from most other countries. This can be complicated even for estate agents in Spain. For example, in Spain the notary has a less prominent role. As a seller, you therefore have more responsibility. Also, the Spanish language can be a challenge for many foreigners and they may not be aware of the local customs. Our partner Real Estate Lawyer Spain can support you perfectly during the sale with a Spanish lawyer and a legal contact. The lawyer can answer all your questions. And the skilled, experienced Spanish lawyers will guide you through every step of the selling process.

Schedule an online viewing

Very useful for estate agents who have properties for sale in Spain, is that potential buyers can use our platform to schedule an online viewing for a property directly with you. The online viewing of properties is currently a very important factor. Especially since people often have to travel long distances in Spain. Another advantage of online viewing is that people outside of Spain can also easily view a property. Based on this, they usually decide whether they also want to do a physical viewing. Online viewing is done from behind the computer, tablet or smartphone. During the online viewing, you as the selling agent walk through the house and the potential buyer can watch you through a live connection and ask questions at the same time.

Also directly schedule a physical visit

Of course, it is also possible to schedule a physical visit via Best Home Plaza. Because nothing beats a visit to the house itself. People really want to experience the atmosphere of a house and its surroundings when they go and view it. Also for you, as a party that has houses for sale in Spain, nothing is better than a viewing of a house in real life. In the house itself, you can explain more about the advantages and other points of interest of the property.

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