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Torremolinos has more than 6 kilometers of beach. The quality of the sand is high, there are many facilities in the area and the boulevard is known for its cosiness. You will not experience the atmosphere and the sun that you experience there anywhere else. Torremolinos has many different beaches and at each beach you will experience something different. Do you occasionally long for the Netherlands? Then you go to Beach Carihuela. You will find many Dutch cafes there.

It does not matter where you want to buy an apartment in Torremolinos. At Best Home Plaza we ensure that buying an apartment has never been easier!

Buy apartment Torremolinos with sea view

An apartment is the perfect solution when you find a house too big and a flat too small. With an apartment you have a space where you have exactly enough room to move. In addition, an apartment means that you can enjoy a beautiful view from your own living room. Especially when you choose to buy an apartment in Torremolinos with a sea view. You can then enjoy the beautiful blue color of the water every day. Of course, an apartment with a sea view costs more money, but the view you get is priceless.

Buy apartment Torremolinos boulevard

If you are not a fan of the sea and would like to be more among people, then you want to buy an apartment on the boulevard of Torremolinos. The boulevard of Torremolinos is visited by many people every day. The boulevard even goes all the way to Benalmadena and Carihuela. The boulevard also has many nice shops that you can visit. After visiting those shops, you can find plenty of drinking and dining options to enjoy the surroundings and take a rest. We will therefore undoubtedly find an apartment for you on the boulevard of Torremolinos that suits your wishes and needs.

Places worth visiting in Torremolinos

If you are going to move to Torremolinos, it is of course important to know what the beautiful places are. One of the most beautiful places is the Casa de los Navajas. In the evening, this area is definitely worth a visit. In addition, you can also visit a bullring called ‘Plaza de Toros de Torremolinos’. Animal fights used to be held here and therefore show an important piece of history. Finally, you will also want to visit the Palacio de Palacio de Ferias. Every year there is a big party celebrated with dance, food, authority and beautiful traditional dresses. So keep these areas in mind when looking for the apartment of your dreams.

Jardin Botanico Molino de Inca

After a long day, you naturally want nothing more than to relax. By buying an apartment in Torremolinos you have the opportunity to go to Jardin Botanico Molino de Inca. This garden is well maintained and you can spot owls and birds. It is also a beautiful piece of nature that you must have seen. When you make the effort to walk all the way to the back, you won’t believe your eyes. There is a beautiful Asian garden at the very back where you can immediately relax. We can help you find an apartment in the area, so that Jardin Botanico Molino de Inca is within walking distance.

Beautiful Parque La Bateria

In Parque La Bateria you can enjoy all kinds of animals. From chickens and bunnies to a white egret and turtles in the pond. There is also a small playground for the children in this park and there is also a pond with rowing boats. The park also has a beautiful fountain. Finally, there are also a number of bistros where you can take a seat. So don’t hesitate to buy an apartment near Parque La Bateria. We are happy to help you find an apartment that fits within your budget and meets all your wishes and needs.

Taste the Spanish culture

If you make the choice to move to Torremolinos, then of course you want to taste the Spanish culture. Fortunately, Torremolinos is full of nice restaurants, snack bars and tapas bars where you can get a delicious meal for a cheap price. The highest restaurant in Torremolinos is located west of the center. In that restaurant you can enjoy a typical Spanish wine and meal, while looking at the sea and the boulevard. After that meal, you can head to the beach to experience the nightlife in Torremolinos. So let us help you get a taste of Spanish culture by finding the apartment of your dreams in Torremolinos.

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