Building inspection

Purchase inspection

If you are going to buy a house, you do not want to be faced with surprises. An important step when buying a home is having the structural condition of the home checked. A building inspection can prevent a misstep. During the inspection, the entire house from ridge to crawl space, inside and out, is carefully examined and assessed.

  • Prevent unforeseen defects
  • An extra resource during negotiations
  • Professional objective report

You are welcome to join us during the inspection, but it is not a requirement to be able to carry out an inspection. Our architectural report gives you a good and reliable picture of any defects, overdue maintenance and the expected costs in the short and long term.

If desired, you will receive a report as an attachment, made in accordance with the requirements set for an architectural report for obtaining a mortgage.

Our (full color) reports are well-arranged, written in understandable language and richly provided with

Sales inspection

If you want to sell your home, you can also have a building inspection carried out. In doing so, you also comply with the legal obligation to provide information. The sales inspection gives potential buyers a clear picture of the condition of your home. You play an open card, inspire confidence and you also comply with the information obligation.

  • Immediate insight into the condition of the home
  • An extra resource during negotiations
  • Professional objective report


Often, a sales report also prevents discussions with “architects” that the prospective buyer often brings to a viewing to support his or her decision. You also prevent the potential buyer(s) from bidding strongly below the asking price because of any architectural defects found, after all, any defects are already mentioned in the sales report and included in the (asking) price.

For the sale, you could also suffice with a basic inspection. All visually observable building parts and any architectural defects are mentioned. A  quality assessment of these components is also given. No recovery advice and no cost estimate for repair are included in the report. The (full color) report contains color photos of the found defects. Please note: this report is not suitable for financing or resolutive conditions.

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