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Best Home Plaza is an independent housing platform with the aim of bringing buyer and seller closer together. Our marketing concept ensures that the objects present on our website are brought to the attention of potential buyers who are specifically looking for an object with certain characteristics in a certain area.

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10 reasons why choose best for Best Home Plaza

  • 1. 150.000 potential buyers per month
  • 2. Website is set up in 16 different languages
  • 3. Option to add real estate as popular homes (Highlight)
  • 4. Place unlimited advertisements for €100 per month or €1000 per year
  • 5. Bulk import via live feed is automatically updated every day
  • 6. Placing a single property is also possible
  • 7. Broker can indicate the option for online viewing
  • 8. Add 360° Virtual Tour videos
  • 9. Broker can present itself on our website
  • 10. Logo broker visible and receive a quality mark

Advantages of the Best Home Plaza real estate portal

  • Daily automated imports via XML format – use your current feed
  • Your logo, website, telephone and e-mail address on all your advertisements
  • Optimized for search engines, accessible on mobile devices and ready for social media
  • Your own professional agents page with your contact details and housing offer

Advertise 3 months free now with your entire property portfolio including all related options.

  • Upload a full xml feed
  • Add 10 favourite listings to be shown on the home page
  • View the search and display results of your listings

For all the benefits, see our membership plans, which you can view after signing up.

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    The Quality Mark “BHP” was established with the aim of offering the customer certainty, quality and reliability. Best Home Plaza is independent. Our team is busy every day linking the best real estate agents to Best Home Plaza. The customer can compare the brokers with us on the basis of customer reviews. In this way, the customer is always assured of a good quality broker.

    It is always nice to know that the work is being carried out properly, a bit of certainty is important for the customer, especially with homes and buildings.

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