Online visit

What exactly does an online viewing involve

Online house viewings are very popular nowadays. Especially considering the distance, house hunters often want to use an online viewing first to get a good idea of the house or flat before scheduling a real viewing at a later stage.

Online viewings can be done from behind your computer screen, iPad or even mobile phone. During an online viewing the agent walks through the house, you can watch and ask questions via a live connection. The agent will tell you the same things that are reported during a ‘real’ viewing.

Prepare well

This might be the first time that you attend an online viewing and it is difficult to estimate how it works. These 10 tips will help you get the most out of your online viewing.


1. Ask your estate agent for documents in advance

Think of important documents such as VvE meeting documents, service reports and information from the energy label. Go through them before the online viewing so that you have fewer questions to ask. This way, you can ask much more precise questions during the viewing.

2. Take a good look at floor plans and photos

This may seem obvious, an online visit requires more preparation than a regular visit. By carefully studying photos and floor plans of your house and making notes if necessary, you will quickly understand exactly which room of the property you are in.

3. Explore the neighbourhood

Before your visit, take a tour of the neighbourhood, possibly using Google maps (street view). Maybe you know someone who lives here? During the visit, ask if you can look out of the window and if the estate agent would like to walk through the street. This will give you an idea of the building and the surroundings.

4. Collect your questions in advance

It is also possible to ask questions during the online viewing. Write down your questions so that you don’t forget to ask them during the visit. Also ask questions about things you cannot see clearly on the screen, what is the condition of the window frames, does the house have double glazing? Is it noisy?

5. Call in help

Two people see more than one. Many house hunters bring someone with them, for example a building expert, which is also possible with online visits. You can then look together and ask specific questions.

6. Make sure you are ready on time

Being late is not practical; the estate agent has scheduled a certain amount of time for this. You may not be able to ask all the questions you have written down. So make sure you are ready and sitting down on time.

7. Keep a pen and paper handy

Have a pen and paper ready so that you can take notes as you watch. Write down what you might want to ask about during the physical inspection or what you want to pay extra attention to.

8. Use headphones / earphones

In order not to be disturbed by background noise, you can use headphones or earplugs. If you have the online viewing via WhatsApp or Facetime, you can be clearly heard through the microphone and the earplugs.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Pay attention to questions you want to ask. Ask the estate agent to come back when you want to look at something. Ask your question immediately if the agent is still in the room where the question relates to. Forgotten to ask a question? Then feel free to contact the broker in question.

10. Record the online viewing

Make sure you record the online viewing. Then you can watch it again later at your leisure. You may come across things that you had overlooked earlier.

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