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Successfully selling houses in Spain with Best Home Plaza

Are you an estate agent in Spain or do you want to start selling houses in Spain? Then Best Home Plaza is the number one online platform. On this platform, you can easily add your properties for sale in Spain and bring them to the attention of the many interested people who want to buy a house in Spain. Also, people who want to move within Spain, can easily find a new property and contact you directly, so that you can sell your house in Spain. Below, you can read more about what Best Home Plaza can offer you, so that you can sell your house in Spain without any problems. Our website attracts no less than 150,000 interested visitors every month. Selling a house in Spain has never been easier!

Some of our properties in Spain:

What is Best Home Plaza?

Best Home Plaza is the independent real estate portal that brings buyers and sellers of houses in Spain in contact with each other. With our special marketing concept we make sure that the properties for sale on our website are brought to the attention of potential buyers who are looking specifically for a property with certain characteristics in a certain region in Spain.

Which properties to sell in Spain?

Real estate agents and other parties who want to sell a house in Spain can come to our portal to sell, among others:
  • Flats
  • Townhouses
  • Villas
  • Commercial property
  • Building plots

Why choose Best Home Plaza?

There are many good reasons to use Best Home Plaza as a portal to sell your house in Spain. We have listed them below:

  • 150,000 potential buyers visit our site every month
  • Our portal can be viewed in 6 languages!
  • Possibility to highlight properties as favourites
  • Continuously place advertisements for € 300,- per 3 months or € 1000,- per year
  • Bulk import via live feed is automatically updated daily
  • Placing one house is also possible
  • Possibility to add an online viewing
  • Add 360⁰ virtual tour videos
  • Introducing yourself as a seller with a logo and BHP seal of approval

Best Home Plaza Seal of Approval for Estate Agents

In order to give buyers full confidence in buying a property in Spain via Best Home Plaza, we offer them the guarantee that they are dealing with a reliable and good quality estate agent. For this purpose we have the Best Home Plaza hallmark. This BHP quality mark was created to offer our clients security, quality and reliability. This is because Best Home Plaza is independent. Our team works every day to connect the best estate agents to Best Home Plaza. Customers can compare estate agents on the basis of customer reviews. This way, they are always assured of a good quality estate agent. Certainly when buying or selling a house in Spain, security for the customer is very important.

Building inspection

When selling a house in Spain, you may also want to have a building inspection carried out. With that, you as a seller also meet the legal information requirement. A building inspection gives potential buyers a clear picture of the state of the property. The advantages of having a building inspection carried out are :
  • Direct insight into the state of the house
  • An extra tool during negotiations
  • Professional objective report
A basic inspection is also sufficient for the sale. But with a full-fledged sales report, you can avoid discussions with, for example, ‘architects’, who are often called in by prospective buyers to check whether they are making a good purchase at the right price. Buyers like to see a complete sales report, in which any architectural defects are mentioned, along with clear colour photographs and whether they are included in the (asking) price.

(Legal) Support in your own language when selling your house in Spain?

In order to sell a house in Spain without any legal difficulties, buyers can use the services of our partner Real Estate Lawyer Spain. They offer you full support in the sales process for a fixed price. Real Spanish lawyers and Dutch jurists will assist you from A to Z. So you can rely on the knowledge of an experienced Spanish lawyer with the advantage that buyers can ask all their questions in their own language. This means total clarity and certainty when selling a house in Spain for a fixed price.

Schedule an online viewing

If you want to sell your house in Spain, you can offer potential buyers of your house an online viewing. Visiting a house online is very popular these days. Especially considering the large distances people sometimes have to travel in Spain, house hunters often like to use the possibility of an online viewing first, to get a good idea of the property. Another advantage is that people from abroad can also view a property in Spain quickly and easily. Based on this, they often decide whether they want to do a physical viewing afterwards. An online viewing is done by the buyer behind his or her computer screen, tablet or smartphone. During an online viewing, you as seller walk through the house and the buyer watches via a live connection and can ask questions. The estate agent tells the same questions as during a ‘real’ viewing.

Scheduling a physical visit

At Best Home Plaza, interested parties can also schedule a physical visit directly with you. Because nothing beats a physical visit, of course. People like to really experience the atmosphere of a house when they are going to view it. Also as a seller of a house in Spain, nothing is better than a viewing in real life. You can explain more about the advantages and other points of interest of the house on the spot.

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